DoD Put an End to Baking and Popcorn

I don't usually cook but when I do it is to make popcorn and of course I often bake. And when I do either of these things I use one of my favorite Williams Sonoma items, the melamine mixing bowl. I love them so much that I have two sets of them.

Melamine Bowls, Set of 3, Red

The Daughters of Destruction also love these bowls especially to use them as a stellar accessory.

Sadly though we learned the hard way that while they look stunning they are a very fragile accessory.

I am now down to just two bowls. Not sure how all 6 bowls survived two boys for the past 8+ years but they barely made it through 2 years with the girls. To be perfectly fair, I think we started the morning with 4 as one had broken over the weekend (by the hands of a chicken) and another one had been broken a while back without assistance from a chicken.

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Kassio said...

Same thing happened at our house....toast after #1 and #2. I loved those!