Some  gentle musings coming soon. I think this abnormally bad weather has given everyone a bit of cabin fever and a lack of desire to do much. Or maybe just me. Either way some update soon.


so this is 40

Well it is clear that old age has settled in because I've started and forgotten this post so many times that I can't recall what my original thoughts were and my thoughts probably weren't that original. I think I had wanted to provide some great insight in to what it meant to be 40 but I have nothing really. I don't know that it is much different than any other year with the exception that I think with every other decade turn the thought was about what is yet to come and with this one I find myself not so focused about what is yet to come but appreciating the now.

A quick birthday recap. I was treated to some fun afternoons and evenings out with friends before and after my birthday. I was surprised by flock of flamingos on my yard the day of my birthday. And yes there are 40 flamingos. This little flamingo stunt has alerted basically everyone in Pflugerville to my new age and I've been stopped at the grocery store and at school and wished a happy birthday (because "I saw the flamingos").

This past weekend, I got to sneak away with some good friends for a quick Girls Getaway to Fredricksburg. It was fun times. I am probably not supposed to share the details but needless to say we laughed, we ate and drank too much and really we just got enjoy each others company without the distraction of life and kids. It was quite the treat.

Here is my deep thought for turning 40. Again nothing original but more some thoughts on moving forward and where I hope to place my energies as I work through this next decade.

Wakan Tanka, Great Mystery, teach me how to trust my heart, my mind, my intuition, my inner knowing, the senses of my body, the blessings of my spirit. Teach me to trust these things so that I may enter my Sacred Space and love beyond my fear, and thus Walk in Balance with the passing of each glorious Sun.  - Lakota Prayer


Birthday Eve

Deep thoughts on the eve of a new decade.


Hello February

And just like that January is over and we are jumping in to February with the super bowl (known over here as an excuse to eat a lot of delicious and not-good-for-you food) and most importantly the biggest birthday ever!

This month has been some of the coldest most miserable raining weather that we've had during our time here. Last year we had the ice, which made the cold bearable but this year it was just plain ol' yucky. I know I can't complain, I am not in Boston dealing with a stupid amount of snow but when you are used to seeing the sun most days the cold and wet start to bring you down.

Kid update...
We still have 4 of them although I often offer the girls up to anyone in public who gushes over their cuteness.

JT - he is cruising along in middle school and knock on wood, seems to be doing fine. He and Rick spent an insane amount of time working on his science project, a Rube Goldberg machine. All the kids in pre-AP science had to create one and this past week we went up to school to watch the videos from all the kids. It was really quite amazing. Just this week, I also got an email from JT's science teacher that he got a 100% on his most recent test. And what would the end of January, start of February be without an announcement that baseball season is starting up. We've out in our uniform and fan gear order adn we will have our first practice next week.

Zach - have I ever mentioned that Zach has an amazing memory? Obviously he doesn't get it from me. He put this skill to the test by participating and winning the GeoBee at school. We attended the UIL competition to watch Zach compete against all the Pville school winners. The audience got to play along and I have to say, I've never felt dumber than answering random geography questions. Since he won for his school, he took the Statewide test and we will know by end of the month if he is attending the State competition.

Chickens - I don't even know where to start with these two. There are days when I just look at Rick and tell him that I think it is amazing that we survive a day. They have so much energy, such strong personalities, and they know our weaknesses. They know we are too old and tired to fight them. The other day I was wrapping up work but could hear a lot of commotion in the kitchen, I asked JT to check on it and he returned with a container of M&Ms that I had tucked way up high in the pantry. When I confronted KitKat (who had pulled one of the barstools over to the pantry and climbed up to my hiding spot) she told me that she wouldn't have stolen the M&Ms if I would have just given her chicken. They are super cute though and I am always amazed with how their interests range from princesses, to horses, to teenage mutant ninja turtles. Lulu is oddly interested in Valentine's day, which we never celebrate so we've been putting up hearts around the house.

So here we are in February. We don't have big plans for the birthday celebration but a night out next weekend and I am running away for a night in Fredricksburg in a few weeks with some friends for a birthday celebration.


Deep Thoughts for 2014

We took an informal survey at the house this year and we all decided that 2014 was an ok year. It wasn't anything flash but it wasn't horrible either. It was just a year. To be fair, 2014 came on the heels of two big years, 2012 was the arrival of the chickens and 2013 was the TV show so I think it is ok to be a year that was just a year. That being said, I'd like to go ahead and let 2015 know in advance what my expectations are for the year. 

  • I want laughter, lots of it and sometimes I want so much laughter that my stomach hurts
  • I want to be done with diapers (until I am a grandmother - please let that be at least 15-20 years from now)
  • I want to run more or if I am getting too old for running then at least walk the dog more
  • I want to figure out what I want to be when I grow up
  • I want to spend time at the beach or at least a family vacation
  • I want to be better at balancing family, work, and me time
  • I want to stop caring about those that don't care about me
  • I want to spend time with those that matter
  • I want to remember to unplug every now and again
  • I want a year when no friends go through divorce, I know this is a tough one but just in case someone does decide to split then I want the energy to be the a good friend because divorce is tough stuff 
  • I want more date nights (preferably with Rick) 

I am sure I have more things but I think that is a good start for 2015.

Thanks 2014. It wasn't always easy, there were some tears, some struggles, some mommy dearest moments, lots of thoughts spinning in my head, lots of draining moments but there was also laughter, some well-needed family time, some letting go of people and things, and overall I think it was a year of being content with life and where I am at.


The Holidays

The two weeks of break was uneventful and relaxing. I am always torn with needing to have tons of activities planned versus just letting things happen. We somehow managed to have a good mix for the holidays this year although the boys have 2 more days of freedom and Rick and I may be ready for those two days to be over.

I am working on my Deep Thoughts for 2014 but for now I share photos from the month including our first gingerbread house party, Christmas, and the girl's 3rd birthday.


Holiday Cards

There are so many things I love about Christmas - decorating the tree, Christmas music, making and eating cookies...oh the list goes on but one of my all time favorite, although dying tradition, is the Christmas card. I love sending them as much as I love getting them. It is often the one time in this hectic world that I get to connect in a non-social media way with those that are important to me.

This year for fun (or because I am just that odd), I organized my cards by state just to see exactly where they all go. Get ready if you live in any of these states, you may be getting a card from me!

Arizona - 1
Arkansas - 2
California - 1
Colorado - 2
Florida - 1
Indiana - 1
Illinois - 2
Kentucky - 1
Louisiana - 1
Massachusetts - 1
Montana - 4
Nebraska - 3
New York - 3
Oklahoma - 1
Oregon - 1
Texas - 28
Washington - 10

We seem light on the east coast and we barely touch the central or the south but 17 out of 25 States seems impressive to me.

I have a few more cards to get out and a few left-over so if you want one speak now!

School is out on Friday and I am officially off this Thursday through to the 29th. I am looking forward to relaxing. I am officially done shopping but for a few minor things and now get to focus on baking and the most anticipated event (outside of  Christmas morning) pierogi making.