happy earth day!

There is a challenge at work today for everyone to wear green and since we are remote we have to prove this greenness with a photo. So here is the rare Meghan photo with my favorite accessories.



Easter was a very low key event over here. We all enjoyed having a three day weekend. We finally had some nice Texas spring weather allowing us to spend some time outdoors especially getting the yard cleaned up.

I am excited that I busted out my camera rather than relying on my phone to get our Easter highlights especially since this is really the first Easter the girls got to participate.

Cascarones - we introduced the girls to their first boxes of cascarones and they enjoyed smashing them on the boys.

(Lulu is polka dots and Kit Kat is stripes)

Egg Dying - we went to ye ol' pinterest for some ideas and opted to try the Sharpie method. Basically you draw on your egg and then you douse it with rubbing alcohol. This definitely wasn't our favorite egg dying technique although we all enjoyed the drawing part the dousing part was anti-climatic and didn't really create a spectacular egg. My good housekeeping tip: if you happen to get Sharpie on your wood table, rubbing alcohol will remove it.

Chocolate bunnies - this may have been the girls favorite part. They tackled their own and when those were put up they took on their brothers. I have to admit that at some point we lost two chocolate bunnies and only one resurfaced as a bit of a surprise when it was time for me to crawl into bed. The non-chocolate photo is the boys pouring over the Marvel Superhero Encyclopedia that I got for Zach. It may be my best gift given to date.

(Lulu - is in lady bug pjs and Kit Kate is in breakfast pjs)

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter weekend.

What is Trending at the Lucas House

I was going to spend the morning getting my Easter post up but the chickens are demanding their current morning routine so I'd thought I'd share what is trending. I promise some Easter photos later today.

The chickens and I used to enjoy a morning of Sesame Street while the boys went to school but someone (a.k.a Zach) introduced the girls to YouTube videos on the Xbox so our current routine involves watching the  Katy Perry Dark Horse and Roar videos. I wish I could accurately capture how they request these videos; it involves panting like a dog and singing.

After we get through those two videos then we have to watch a few Muppets' videos and eventually we leave YouTube for Bubble Guppies or Monsters Inc.

Don't worry - this doesn't happen all in one morning but I am fairly certain that these 4 items (Katy Perry, Muppets, Bubble Guppies, and Monsters Inc) are watched in some manner during the chickens' day.

Currently trending for Zach is card tricks. Even the chickens have been asked "Want to see me do a card trick?" Some are good and some need a bit a work but falling prey to the request definitely starts to wear on you after about the 8th card trick. Makes you wonder if Bess Houdini got tired of being asked to come watch "this new trick!"

I have also been inundated with Marvel Super Heroes talk. I am more than happy to chat about any confusions you have between DC and Marvel heroes as I have received multiple lectures on the who's who in the super hero world.

Happy Monday everyone!



Funny but I get more personal emails when I post about running than most of my posts. I think it is because whatever our form of exercise is: running, walking, biking, swimming - we can all identify with the struggle to get out do it whether it is because of motivation or lack of time, the great feeling of accomplishment when you do get out or complete a race, and trying to keep up the habit (I just keep telling myself it takes 21 days to form a habit - it has worked so far with my giving up facebook).

I have to admit, I am not getting on with my running plan as much as I had hoped. Life gets in the way. I've be pondering a tri for my 40th but I am a long way from that right now. Barely getting out to walk or run will make it almost impossible to find time to train for a tri.

So to help us all with getting motivated as the  Texas weather finally improves and the rest of the country starts warming up I am providing my list of Top 10 songs for getting out and getting a move on. I've tried running without music and for a while I ran and listened to NPR. I've found that both stress me out while I run because I either spend too much time in my head or I was getting upset with the horrible events in the world. So I have to music and because of that I have an official rule about running playlist: You can't judge a person by the running/exercise playlist as the intent  is to add the music that makes you get up go. To that end, I think I might have some pent up anger as the music that really gets me going are the break-up, getting over your sad self songs. I mean Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" is well loved because it gets us all energized. I have a few slow ones on here and I know there is a whole RPM and your song list strategy but I am not coordinated enough to get my running and music and my pace together. I just need music that gets me going.

Meghan's Top 10 15  20 23 Running/Get Up and Move Songs

I Knew You Were Trouble - Taylor Swift
Girlfriend - Avril Lavinge
Titanium - David Guetta (featuring Sia)
Dark Horse - Katie Perry
Voodoo Child - Rogue Trader
Love You Like a Love Song - Selena Gomez
Sydney (I'll Come Running) - Brett Dennen
Ways to Go - Grouplove
Since U Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson
Mama's Broken Heart - Miranda Lambert
Starship - Nicki Manaj
Wishlist - Pearl Jam
Never Will Be Mine - Rye, Rye Robyn
Wind it Up - Gwen Stefani
I Would Do Anything - Foster the People
Dancing on My Own - Robyn
Trojans - Atlas Genius
Swimming in Your Sea - Bob Scheinder
Run The World (Girls) - Beyonce
Take a Chance on Me - ABBA
Only Wanna Dance with You - Kesha
Fall Down - will.i.am
Night Jogger - Those Darlins


Year in Review - Mixbook

FINALLY! Life at the Lucas House 2013 Year in Review photo book.  I made this one on Mixbook, which I have to say I like more than others I've used especially since it lets me pull photos from Instagram, which is where we all know I live. I couldn't get the book to embed but you can view using the link below. I am not 100% pleased with some of it but that is more just me wanting to get this done as I've had it in process since January.  Enjoy the wild ride of our lives in 2013.


PS: I just realize that the link isn't hot. You need to copy and paste it in to your browser to see it.


♥ this guy

Hard to believe 12 years ago Rick and I were just in our first full month of pregnancy with this guy. 

He is a mini-me in so many ways, like wearing the weight of the world on his shoulders so it does my soul good to see this smile. 
We spent the weekend watching him do what he loves more than anything. I am excited about our team this year although I don't want to jinx it in any way. It is hard to find the team that fits just right - one where you like the parents, the kids like each other, everyone is having fun, and the boys enjoy playing together. We've been practicing for almost 3 months now and finally played and it all felt good. 


spring break recap

As is the case every spring break in Austin changes in to a whole new world as the who's who of music and film descended on Austin for SXSW. It is the one time of the year that I feel like a foreigner in my own city. It almost feels like living in LA and who wants to live there? News coverage featured JayZ, Seth Rogen, Jimmy Kimmel ran his show here for a week, Rachel Ray, and on and on. So it is surprising with all this news coverage that Pete Flisakowski was able to slip in to town unnoticed.

We enjoyed our time with Grandpa Pete,  but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate with his hopes of fishing. He got out one day on Lake LBJ and then he and the boys fished from the docks one day at Lake Pflugerville. We managed to do a few other things to keep busy including visiting the Bob Bullock museum, the Cele Store for some BBQ, The Noble Pig for a great sandy, a baseball practice with JT, and Sherman and Mr. Peabody (Grandpa Pete and boys only!). The chickens loved having him in town so they could show their tricks to a new audience.

There is a good chance, Grandpa Pete had to undergo some serious therapy to decompress and acclimate back to regular life after a few days here but we enjoyed having him and hope he makes an annual fishing trip  to Texas in March.

After Grandpa Pete left, Rick and I had two nights of adults only activities to wind up our Spring Break. The first was seeing Lucinda Williams at the new venue the Roost and the second was helping Rick's buddy Mike celebrate his 50th. Both were great events. I've wanted to see Lucinda ever since I was introduced to her music when we arrived here 15 years ago but she is a hard ticket to come by. I was not disappointed. The Roost is a smaller venue and because of SXSW it wasn't packed. We were close to the stage and I think she played almost all of my favorites. The birthday party was great fun as well. I left at a reasonable hour but I think some mid-forty and newly fifty year old men learned that they can't drink tequila shots like they did years ago.

We are all back in the full swing of our normal routine post spring break, work has been busy (hence my late post), and of course baseball is going full speed now so most nights are spent juggling schedules.

For you listening enjoyment, I am providing my top 10 Lucinda Williams songs.I think I've rewritten the list a few hundred times because there are so many I love. Lucinda definitely knows heartbreak and love and has some great lines like "conversation with you was like a drug" or "june bug versus hurricane".

1. Essence
2. R U Alright
3. Something About What Happens When we Talk
4. Still Long for Your Kiss
5. Right in Time
6. Righteously 
7. Those Three Days
8. Change the Lock (Tom Petty cover is the more known version)
9. Joy
10. Blue