Rick is working on a project. Part of his project includes asking me to reach in to the depths of my memories and try to recall aspects of my pregnancy, the girls' first few years, or various recollections from the boys' childhoods. Sadly my memory sucks, like really I'd be worried about me if it wasn't for the fact that I know I can't remember things. Thankfully at one point I was really good about maintaining this blog and chronically the kids' life. I miss it.

While looking through my stories that I've chronicled for the past nine years I came across this post and specifically this statement:

And in case you are doing the math (because the boys did it this morning). When Zach heads to 7th grade  and JT is in his his first year in high school, Rick and I should be celebrating but instead we will be in the cafeteria listening to Mr. Riley warning the kinder parents that before we know it, we will back in the cafeteria for 5th grade orientation.

Yes I know it is only March but this is happening this year. How did this happen? How did JT end up being almost a high school freshman? He has 12 weeks left in middle school. The girls have 12 weeks left in pre-school and then it is summer. We have no real plans yet just lots of ideas. Despite the insanity that exists on a daily basis at this house I am making a mental note to enjoy and savor this summer. In four years when Rick asks me to remember something about the kids I will no doubt scroll through this post and probably cry a little because in just four short years JT will heading to college and if he has his way it will be out of State. Zach will be going in to his junior year of high school and the girls will be entering 4th grade. Definitely not ready for any of this.

 Lulu on the left and Kat on the right - what are they doing you ask? They cut out Shimmer and Shine from napkins and taped them (we go through A LOT of tape in this house) to skewers. They did puppet shows for each other.

 Zach after a day of kick-start competition - he qualified for the State tournament in April

And what would a blog post be without reference to baseball. JT at the first tourney of the weekend,


August in Moments

Since I fail at having time to be creative and capture every minute, I am borrowing an idea from another blog and sharing our (photographic) moments one month at a time, starting today with August.


Tuesday Night Lights

JT has officially started playing football at the middle school. He is #62 in the photos.

He is the one that you can't really see his number - black socks, white shoes.

Yep, that's him tackling, which I guess is better than being tackled.
Again, he is in there tackling.

My preferred position - him just standing there.

And he is the guy in the middle.

He is loving his first adventure with football. I love watching him but really hope baseball season starts soon. 



This summer we opted to take a few smaller trips rather than one large trip. The first was at the end of the school year to Great Wolf Lodge and the second was a special invite from Lee and Rebecca to a sugar plantation.

Originally this trip was going to be just me and kids so Rick could stay home and get a few things done and enjoy some quiet but the accident threw us a curve ball and I felt more comfortable having Rick drive and a road trip is always a bit more fun with him. The other added excitement was that we got to take the rental car that had DVD player although we quickly realized that while the Chevy Traverse is fun to ride around town, it is not a road trip car for a family of six.

I don't even know where to start with describing this trip. I should probably start with mentioning how thankful it is to have two natives show us Louisiana. I am not sure the boys (and the girls) would loved red beans and rice, BBQ shrimp, or a host of other treats if it wasn't for Lee and Rebecca. And as I have stated numerous times here and other places, Lee and Rebecca may be the best hosts ever. Along with that the plantation was just beautiful and such a fascinating place.

So let me start with a quick bit about where we were, which was lovely Patoutville, Louisiana; home to Enterprise Plantation.

Deeply rooted in Louisiana history, M .A. Patout & Son, LTD, LLC is the oldest complete family owned and operated manufacturer of raw sugar in the United States.  The company is composed of Enterprise Plantation along with three subsidiaries: Sterling Sugars, LLC, Raceland Raw Sugars, LLC and Patout Equipment Company, LLC.

Enterprise Plantation, founded in 1825 by Simeon and Appoline Patout, is the original M. A. Patout & Son sugar plantation located in Patoutville, Lousiana. Sterling Sugars and Raceland Raw Sugars were acquired by M. A. Patout & Son in 1994 and 1996. The combined capacity of the three mills is 4,600,000 tons of cane annually.

Rebecca's dad is a descendant of the Patout family and shares in the ownership of the plantation. This family legacy includes the ability to stay at the original caretakers house on the plantation property.

Working clockwise from the top right corner is the house we stayed in, which  was beautiful and so large that there was an entire section that we didn't even hang out in. The brick building below at one time was a wine cellar as the family had originally intended to grow grapes and start a winery. The bottom photo is the mill, the original workers quarters complete with mud walls, the big house, the planters are actually huge cast iron bowls that were used in the mill, and then a row of cedar trees.

We had such a relaxing weekend just being lazy, swimming, eating, drinking and laughing.

What is a trip to Louisiana without Rebecca doing something incredibly fun with the kids like tossing marshmallows in to their mouths from upstairs. She even joined in.

The Lucas clan loves us some Louisiana and time with Lee and Rebecca. We are looking forward to our next adventure with them.

5 and 7

Yesterday kicked off the first day of school. JT started 7th grade and Zach is in 5th. The girls won't start for another two weeks.


Children of the Cane

Finally, after lying to you on my last post, I am working on updating my photos from the summer. Here is another teaser from our trip to Louisiana; this is the girls in the sugar cane.



I am working on editing my photos from our quick trip to the sugar plantation. In the meantime, here is a rare Meghan shot. That is KitKat with me and Lulu in the background heading in to the citrus grove.