Just like the boys are entertained for hours with legos, the one toy that keeps the girls happy is a small Fischer- Price dollhouse that a friend gave the girls. When I see the girls enjoying the dollhouse I get giddy not just because they are entertained by something other than a tablet but also because I think about the future dollhouses I will be buying.

Here is a secret, I want to make  a dollhouse; a wooden one decorated with tiny furniture but I unless I have a secret room where me and my nerdiness hang out this dollhouse is going to be destroyed by my friends.

So all of this dollhouse thinking has me cruising Craig's list every now and again to see what is out there. This led me to seeing that there was a garage sale in the hood with a dollhouse. I love a thrift shop or an antique store but I've never enjoyed garage sales. Kit Kat and I were the second people to arrive and we snagged our latest dollhouse addition along with Barbies airplane. It may be the best $20 I've spent.

I will keep nerdy day dreaming about my future dollhouses while I enjoy watching the girls play.


Mini trip

We went to great wolf lodge almost 3 years ago and it was miserable. The place was packed, we had just come off a crazy adventure of filming what later became the pilot of the show, and we were heading back from a "emergency" trip to see Rick's grandpa who wasn't doing well. Oh and we realized at about 2am that the girls were screaming because they has ear infections.

I have a million thoughts about GWL but here is what I know: the kids loved it and there is some fabulous people watching. This was our first real attempt with the girls and road trip/travel and we are all optimistic about the results. The girls were great fun in the car, we had some really special one-liners from both of them that I need to start recording, and we had an enjoyable family dinner out, which honestly is huge as we've avoided all sit down restaurants with them for the past year.

I obviously didn't have my phone with me in the pools but here are some shots that Kit Kat requested I take.

Here is to a fun summer.



We've had a crazy Spring here thanks to El Nino. Usually by Memorial Day weekend we already complaining about the heat and we've settled in to a pool routine.

This month has been filled with rain and while it is a blessing to finally have the lakes getting filled back up and to have help with the drought, it has also been tough to deal with the nonstop rain.

Saturday night we had a storm come through that included a small tornado just about a mile from us that did some decent damage to several houses and businesses. Everyone we know from that hood was safe but spent Sunday cleaning up. Monday started off nice and we finally got around to tackling the jungle that had grown up in the yards due to the rain. Around 1, Rick came in and turned on the news because he said it looked bad and he could hear the storm that was Northeast of us. We all sat and watched the weather and the tornado warnings that were popping up south but the maps showed all of it moving west of us.
The boys and I had plans to see their buddy Miles perform in a local play and were set to get ready despite the rain until the news showed a small storm making its way directly through Austin and in to Pflugerville. The news told us to be prepared to take shelter. We never saw a tornado but the rain was intense and while we were excited about backyard flooding, we had non idea what the rest of the hood was experiencing until the storm calmed and we decided to drive around.

The photos show the park and obviously the creek overflowing. There was a car that got caught and they were doing a rescue just as we came out. There is also the field where the boys used to practice baseball, our own flood in the backyard, and after it was all over the most interesting night sky that eventually turned this intense shade of yellow/orange.

The chances of rain are slim this week. Let's hope we get to play baseball and enjoy a little sun.



Zach often gets overlooked as the middle child but his patience and sweetness for his sisters often overwhelms me.
We are all in a bit of a cleaning frenzy today. After cleaning the chalk wall, Zach sat for 20 minutes and complied without complaint while Lu dictated exactly what she wanted him to draw.


where did you go spring?

School is being attended by two boys – one who is obsessed about perfect attendance and another who isn’t sure the point of it and would prefer to sit at home staring at his phone. Both are excelling but I think they are ready for the break.

My parents came for a week-long visit. I think it was a bit like Nellie Bly going undercover for 10 days in the asylum.  I am not sure they have fully recovered and there may be some lasting scars. It was nice to have them here although work was stupid busy so I didn’t get to spend the time I had wanted. Grandpa Pete did get to see two of JT’s games though and that meant the world to JT as ever since he started playing at 3 he has been asking when his grandparents were going to come and watch him play.
Chickens…well, they are still here and they are devious, mischievous, still in diapers (although I think Lu is really close), masters of the kindle and finding some of the weirdest stuff on YouTube (nothing bad just odd videos of adults opening kid toys), and big fans of Teen Titans Go and My Little Pony.
Rick is surviving. He is doing well with work and still enjoying it. He finally got a truck and for at least a week kept asking me why we waited so long. He isn't pleased that I've come up with a long list of things we can now do that in the past I was told we couldn't do because he didn't have a truck.

And me…I am feeling better. When I was pregnant with JT I was diagnosed with hypothyroid. For the most part it hasn't been a huge issue but the past year I've felt miserable. At first I thought it was depression or may be just being tired from work and life. My last visit to my endocrinologist left me frustrated as she wasn't interested in considering alternatives since I wasn't feeling 100%. Back in February I had this crazy moment where I was feeling miserable, my tongue swelled up, I couldn't get out of bed and I was just at a loss for what was going on. I did what everyone does at that moment and I googled my symptoms and well after a few weeks I went in search of a new doctor. So a few months later, lots of blood-work, one stressful week that included a biopsy (with benign results), and new medication I am back to feeling so much better than I have. I've also been swamped with work. Some of it boring stuff and some exciting.

Summer is looming. We are kicking it off with a quick trip to Great Wolf Lodge in Dallas. After that we lots of ideas but nothing set yet.

Remember when you were a kid and you got a new pair of shoes and the most exciting part was wearing them out of the store? Well, the chickens have decided to wear swimsuits out of the store. Lu has also renamed it New Navy because the clothes are new not old.


Easter Eve Bandits

I have this long post about finding balance in a chaotic life and how so many friends are going through struggles with their marriages.  I stopped last night because we were watching a movie. I had every intention of finishing it tonight but then the Easter Eve Bandits hit.

The weather in Texas is finally pleasant. Rick and I sat outside on the deck watching the girls prance around and prattle to each other and us about lord knows what. It is in these moments, when I am drained from a long day, realizing that of the 50 things on my to do list only 2 of them got done. I stare at the girls in wonder. How did they get in to our lives? I mean I know the how but it more the sheer amazement of how these two beings have turned our lives up-side-down and taken us on a wild ride that never in a million years did I expect or plan. They rule our lives and this household; all four of us are at their mercy and they are only 3.

As we sat on the deck Rick and I each got caught up in watching the two of them work out that they could fill the empty water gun they had located with the water from a cup they had left over from dinner. It was pure genius; mad genius. The shit that doesn't happen with just one toddler but happens when there are two. I shutter to think what parents of toddler triplets deal with on the daily.

Not a single concern crossed my mind when I realized that they had both gone in to the house. I was too busy enjoying the quiet moment and watching the cardinals in the backyard. The silence was broken when JT came out to tell us he and Zach were going out to play with friends on the street. We went inside and were met by KitKat who proudly announced that Lulu had Ninja Turtle stickers. Like waking from a dream, it took a moment for me to register what she was talking about. I went in to my office and saw my light was on and then I ran in to their room and saw the Ninja Turtle and princess stickers and bubbles that I had gotten for their baskets strewn across KitKat's bed. I yelled. KitKat firmly declared it was all Lulu and Lulu ran and hid under the blankets on my bed and cried.

It took 15 minutes to calm me down. It took 20 minutes to calm Lulu down. She ended the night in her bed telling me that she really loved me and daddy and she was sorry. She also said she really loves the Easter bunny.

Easter will be a little less exciting but to be honest, I wasn't too worked up for Easter this year anywho.

As my Easter gift to you guys,  I am sharing some photos from the last few weeks so you can see that the kids are still alive and growing. I know the boys would want me to note that they are both quickly catching up with me in height. I know 5' 2" isn't a huge height to overcome but I am sure they aren't stopping there.

Happy Easter everyone! I hope the bunny visits you and brings you some special treats.

The girls bowling over spring break.

The girls went with me to get my blood work done recently. I explained to them what we were doing and they selected these outfits as perfect for the occasion.

The kids and I on a walk through the hood to one of our favorite spots.

Me and KitKat 

Me and Lulu

Lulu dressed and ready to go.