opossum, opossum

I am woefully behind on posts but I can't skip this story. I will try to do the quick version.

Thursday Night
I am home working. Kids are asleep and Rick is out doing whatever he does when I let him leave the house. While sitting on the couch I hear all sorts of crazy eating noises coming from the laundry room and I think "What a pig that little Cora cat is!" The loud eating goes on for a while and just when I am about to go see what she is doing in there I hear all sorts of commotion; trash can knocking over and something hitting the door that leads to the garage. I continue to work while Jet sleeps peacefully on the floor and Albert sleeps next to me. Then I hear a quiet little meow and I realize that Cora is out on the back deck. When I get up to let her in I go to the laundry room and see that there is no cat food left, the trash can is knocked over and there is cat litter everywhere and the door to the garage is open. My first thought is that there is a stray cat hiding in the garage but I can't see one anywhere.

Saturday Morning
So I told Rick my story and he of course thinks I am crazy. Rick heads out to the garage to do something and returns telling all of us to come out quietly. We follow directions and curled up in a box of last season baseball uniforms is a tiny little possum.
We called Mike and Alexa over and they helped remove our little friend (yes, I did ask if we could keep him) to a more opossum friendly location.